Vegan Fine Dining, fine vegan dining


Breakfast, the most important meal of the day?

On a Vegan Travel cruise, the day starts with a fantastic all vegan breakfast buffet with many good-for-you options that are nourishing, nutritious and filling. Having a healthy and refreshing breakfast provides you with energy for an exciting day on board or ashore. Our varied, healthy breakfast with regional products is the perfect start to the day.
Early birds can enjoy a morning breakfast that includes made-to-order hot dishes such as a delicious vegan scramble as well as warm freshly-baked breads. There is also a generous buffet spread which includes platters that are piled high with tropical fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, cereals and a selection of plant and nut-based milks.

What we usually serve in the morning - to name a few options:
Different Mueslis, overnight oats, pancakes, chickpea omelettes made to order, home-made spreads, muffins, croissants, cinamon rolls........ 

With great ocean or river views all around and countless options for every taste bud, you’ll be energized to get your day started right.

Superb Vegan Meals - your choice!

From home-cooked favourites to gourmet culinary creations, our talented international vegan chefs are set to create mesmerizing dishes that will please any palate. You can sample the vegan fare and indulge in new flavours!
Unlike other cruises that have limited vegan options, our cruise boasts a wealth of nutritious delights and tempting treats that are all completely free of animal products. Do you fancy an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet in a casual setting? Or how about a four-course tasting menu that is crafted from plant-based produce? No matter what your dining preferences are, there is sure to be a dining style to suit your tastes.
Oh, by the way: We try to minimize the use of fake-meat. We prefer to use delicious, healthy and fresh vegetables.


Vegan fine Dining - plant-based Banquet of the Senses

Dining on board one of our vegan cruises is a joyful celebration in the truest sense with every vegan dish “designed for fresh” and crafted to exceed even the most discerning appetites.
A highlight has to be the evening sit-down dinner. This vegan experience features a simply irresistible four-course tasting menu with gourmet appetizers, mouth-wateringly good mains and decadent desserts that are just waiting to be devoured. Attentive waiters are on-hand to serve the captivating cuisine, and ensure that all of your culinary preferences are catered for.
Good to know: We are able to accommodate a range of special dietary preferences, and options are available for those following raw food, gluten-free and SOS-diets.

The beautiful restaurants aboard our ships serve delectable plant-based dishes created à la minute and offer an array of choices.

Oh by the way, the restaurants feature open seating so you may dine wherever and whenever suits your taste and schedule. 

That said, most guests can't wait to enter the panorama restaurant when it opens - to be among the first to enjoy the dinner.

Come aboard and savor award-winning cuisine.

Love a good drink? All beverages served on board are 100% vegan. MORE