Free From

Free From

Whether you have celiac disease or simply a sensitivity to gluten, the idea of cruising gluten-free might seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. On all our cruises, we can offer a vegan gluten-free cruise experience.

Our all vegan cruises are a chance to relax and create memories. But for people or families with food allergies, a relaxing break can become a harrowing adventure. Studies have shown that families with a food allergic child often limit the number of vacations they take. Many don’t travel outside the country and others avoid certain types of transportation, such as planes and boats. 

But it isn’t necessarily a fear of the unknown that keeps these families close to home. Some say that accessing medical care is the reason they don’t venture too far. But medical care is never far from a river cruise ship, so there is no need to worry.

And we guarantee that every care is taken to avoid any cross contamination when processing a specific allergen free order. 

Travel can present challenges and discomfort to those with allergies and intolerances and mean vacations can be far from relaxing. Food requests can sometimes be lost in translation and you can never really be sure what you are eating. Here at Vegan River Cruises, we speak your language. Our highly-trained kitchen staff offer a completely animal-free menu and can be trusted to cater to your needs, whatever they are. 

We assure you that your trip will be free from stress as well as allergens.  Don't let food derail your love of travel - join our unique river cruises where we make every effort to ensure your wellbeing.

Please inform us of your dietary requirements when booking and we will accommodate your needs whenever possible.