Vegan Travel’s Covid-19 Policy

Your health & safety is something we take very seriously at Vegan Travel. We have been working closely with leading health consultants, as well as following the advice from the World Health Organisation and The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) in relation to best practices and COVID-19 Protocols.

As you are aware, this is an ever-evolving situation. As it stands today our COVID-19 protocol is as follows: 

  • We recommend all guests to be fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine per their country of origin or as per the World Health Organisation recommendations.
  • All Guests are recommended to undertake a PCR or antigen test on their own account before commencing their outbound journey.
  • Whilst on the cruise, we will not require mask wearing or social distancing unless requested to do so at the discretion of the Captain & Doctor. However, we do encourage guests to wear a face mask when walking between enclosed spaces around the ship.
  • Whilst undertaking expedition activities and shore excursions, we will adhere to the local rules in place at each port of call.
  • You will find a number of medical masks in your cabin. Rapid tests are available on request; simply contact your cruise director.
  • Should you test positive during your cruise: It is not mandatory to self-isolate if you test positive to COVID-19. However, people who test positive to COVID-19 with symptoms are recommended to self-isolate for some days while onboard and be considerate. We would make every effort to ensure you are still able to experience as much of the cruise as possible.
  • A comprehensive travel insurance package (including a covid-19 cover) is recommended.
  • Meals: Whenever possible, meals will be individually plated and served. During buffet meals, the dining staff will follow best health and hygiene practices to ensure food safety and prevent the spread of illness. Please always use a new plate when going to the buffet station.

We will do all we can to ensure our travelers’ safety and health while on our trips, but we need your help. We expect travelers to follow best health and hygiene practices to prevent the spread of illness as well - from washing your hands regularly, covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing, and following social distancing guidelines. By working together, we can create a safer travel experience for everyone. We look forward to serving all your vacation needs and welcoming you on board!

Last updated: April 2023