Life on Board

Life on Board

Wake up refreshed after a peaceful slumber in your luxurious cruise cabin or Suite and get ready for a fun filled and exciting day on board (or on shore) with Vegan Travel. From the time you open your eyes until you lay your head down on your pillow at night, there are a variety of options and activities for you to participate in on an all Vegan Cruise, or you can just take it slow and move at your own pace.

First stop for many is the full vegan buffet breakfast. Here you can take your time and indulge in dishes ranging from fresh fruit and smoothies, to scrambled tofu and toast, vegan deli slices and cheeses, cold cuts, yoghurts, cereals and different plant milks, as well as diverse hot and cold food offerings, fresh bread rolls, dark rye bread and other selected delicacies. Depending on the day you have planned, you can languish in the dining room, catching up with new friends over a coffee or juice, or you can fuel up to head off on a planned day trip or self-guided bike ride. For those who like to build up a hunger, you might start your morning off with a stroll or jog around the sun deck, a spot of yoga, or some time in the gym or pool (dependent on ship).

From once-in-a-lifetime adventures, to simple, convenient transfers, Vegan Travel offers a huge range of experiences with something for everyone. Our shore excursions can be booked with your dedicated Cruise Director or – even better – in advance. If going solo is more your style, you can pick up a town or city map and trek out on your own to sightsee and enjoy what’s important to you. This is the beauty of Vegan Travel; you can make it as organised or as spontaneous as you like, knowing that you don’t need to give finding vegan suitable meals another thought, your floating home and restaurant awaits you after your day of fun! You can find more details on shore excursions here: 

After breakfast, many passengers head on shore and spend time in one of the beautiful towns or cities where the ship is docked. Some might take one of the arranged day trips by coach to nearby sights (these excursions somtimes include a packed lunch or a stop in a local establishment for lunch), others meet up with one of our handpicked local guides for an in depth look at the town centre and historical sights. Our guests are a diverse bunch, and some are just as content to relax in the lounge curled up with a good book, play board games with friends, sunbathe on the sun deck, or have a few cocktails in the bar. To expend some energy and work off the gourmet meals, passengers can also hike in the nearby countryside or borrow a ships bike. You choose, it´s your holiday!

Lunchtime on board fast approaches and our passengers can head to the dining room to fill up at the salad bar as well as ordering a featured main dish and sweet treat. Here you can chat to fellow passengers about your morning and perhaps pick up tips for other sights to visit in the afternoon. Lunch is fairly leisurely as often many guests are out and about enjoying activities, so you’ll always be able to find a seat and have attentive staff to assist you.

Some passengers enjoy a little snooze in the afternoon, you’re on holiday, so why not? Others take in more sights and visit local landmarks. A quick refuel can be enjoyed mid afternoon in the ship lounge where guests meet for coffee and cake. Afternoon tea is always a treat and who doesn’t love a beautiful vegan friendly cake, flan, or pie!?

As light starts to fade, thoughts turn to the evening ahead. Many passengers head to their rooms to freshen up for dinner while others make their way back from a full day out and about. Your cruise director is always looking for interesting activities for you to participate in and some of these may include wine tastings from a local vegan friendly winery, vegan product tastings, special guest chats and talks, or informal discussions about vegan interests.

Dinner is the main event of the day, and passengers gather for a pre-dinner cocktail before making their way to the dining room for a 4 (or more) course sit down meal. Couples can enjoy a romantic dinner, or get together with others for a social event. Selected vegan friendly wines and drinks are available to enjoy. From starter to dessert you’re guaranteed a fantastic meal of gourmet vegan delights made on board by our vegan chef and their staff. Local and seasonal produce is on offer and made expertly into soups, entrees, salads, and main courses that will tempt and tantalise you. Guests often linger to chat after the last spoonful while others head to the lounge bar for a fun night or a quiet nightcap. More details on vegan fine dining: 

Vegan Travel offers a range of exciting evening events from pub quizzes / trivia nights to discos and Karaoke nights and you’re invited to them all! Get together with friends and battle it out on trivia night, or share your singing or other skills at Vegan’s Got Talent! If you’ve still got some energy left, dance the night away to a featured local musician or DJ and then enjoy a late-night snack. Some passengers like to party, while others retire to their cosy room or a nice movie and popcorn. There really is something for everyone on a Vegan Travel cruise! Drift off to sleep dreaming of the exciting adventures that await you tomorrow! Have a wonderful night!

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