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Sail away the vegan way. Vegan Travel opened its doors in 2014 in Münster, Germany and specializes in luxury all-vegan river cruises and expedition cruises. Having sailed on all major European rivers and our first ALL-VEGAN OCEAN cruises in 2017 (Norwegian Fjords) and 2019 (Baltic Sea), we are now really excited to launch our newest cruises: the Epic Antarctica in March 2025 and our Mekong cruise in August 2024.  Vegan Travel - Revitalizing all your senses and being in harmony with yourself and the world around you. Welcome aboard!
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Finally, vegan cooking and gastronomic indulgence are no longer a contradiction. As a guest on one of our cruises, all of our delicious and award-winning vegan food is included, so you can completely relax and enjoy the trip, and treat yourself to our gourmet specialties from morning to night.
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From home-cooked favourites to gourmet culinary creations, our talented vegan chefs are set to create mesmerizing dishes that will please any palate. All food onboard is included in the ticket price, so you can sample the vegan fare and indulge in new flavours without ever having to keep an eye on your budget. Unlike other cruises that have limited vegan options, our cruises boast a wealth of nutritious delights and tempting treats that are all completely free of animal products.
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Wake up refreshed after a peaceful slumber in your luxurious cruise stateroom or suite and get ready for a fun filled and exciting day on board (or on shore) with Vegan Travel. From the time you open your eyes until you lay your head down on your pillow at night, there are a variety of options and activities for you to participate in on an all vegan cruise, or you can just take it slow and move at your own pace. How about Yoga or stretching classes in the morning ? Or do you prefer a visit in the ship's gym? Prefer to be lazy in the jacuzzi or on the sun deck? Enjoy! Your cruise. Your way.
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River cruises and the environment. Compared to cars, planes and ocean cruise ships, river cruising is one of the greenest ways to travel. The compact size of the vessels and limited number of passengers per sailing allows for smaller engines, resulting in significantly lower carbon emissions. If our travels take us through the idyllic curves of the river, we at least need to think about protecting the environment and about the sustainability of our ships. Cruise ships exert influences on the environment in various ways. We are not only talking about air pollution from diesel engines, but unlike automobiles and airplanes, we also have to think about ballast water and wastewater. The complex logistics, maintenance, and upkeep of a cruise ship requires high standards of compatibility with the environment, which we really take to heart.

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