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Myanmar cruise 2021 - Statement

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    Myanmar cruise 2021 - Statement

    Münster, September 2019

    We internally discussed the ethics of travel to Myanmar before we decided to launch this truly unique cruise. We sought the advice and counsel of those we trust, and after weighing it all up we decided to give this Chindwin cruise a go.
    Yes, it was a difficult decision to make, to visit or not. What is going on is tragic and for sure a crime against humanity. Tourism there is down and the people are also suffering its flow on effects.

    We have travelled a lot. Many clients from around the world join our all-vegan adventures. There are no ‘perfect’ countries in the world.
    We are definitely not ignoring the situation in Myanmar. However, our presence, or absence, will sadly not make the slightest difference to the suffering of the Rohingya people. If we don’t travel there, ordinary people working in tourism will suffer, not the government.
    The local people have no involvement in the atrocities and tourism is helping to support them in a multitude of ways…. Not going to Myanmar won't make any different to those people who are persecuting the Rohingya, but it will have a huge impact on the daily lives of people around Inle, Kalaw, Mandalay and Bagan. These people have had hard lives, why make it even harder for them?

    The fact we travel there doesn't condone what's going on, but it will lead to understand better what the country has been and is going through. We are considering to make a donation to an organization to help the Rohingya people.

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